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Name Title / Function
Khalida Salimi Director
Ayesha Mahmood Director overseas
Ammara Mahmood Executive Body Member

SACH is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Islamabad/Rawalpindi working for the rehabilitation of the victims of traumatic human rights abuses through a multidisciplinary approach that includes inter alia offering shelter, medical treatment, and psychological support to survivors of state, domestic and other kinds of abuses - especially to women and children.

Since it was created in 1993, SACH's mission has been to work as a research and documentation center on the subject of torture, and the interdisciplinary and holistic rehabilitation and reintegration of survivors of all forms of torture. SACH has been able to create a strong network around the country and has established a solid reputation with private donors and the Government of Pakistan.

SACH works closely with the US Embassy, AUSAID, Canadian CIDA and Save the Children Fund, UK. On the UN side, SACH receives funding from the UN Voluntary Fund for Torture Victims and consults regularly with ILO, UNICEF, and UNDP.

The organization is not only supporting Pakistani communities but also focuses closely on the Afghan refugee population. For that matter SACH has been providing shelter services to the refugees who have been approved for the United States Refugee Settlement Program and are awaiting their departure.

Country/City where the NGO is Registered Pakistan, Islamabad
Year of foundation 1993-94
Year of registration with National Authorities 1994
Year of registration with DPI 2001
Headquarters’ mailing address

House No. 142, Street 99, I-8/4, Islamabad Pakistan

Telephone (Country & area code) (Number) (+92-51) 4446179
Telefax (Country & area code) (Number) (+92-51) 4444767, 4447400


Representative at United Nations: Ms. Khalida Salimi ( Director) House No. 142, Street .99, I-8/ 4 Islamabad, Pakistan 4444767
Areas of activity: Human/ Civil Rights, Women, Working against torture through multi disciplinary approach.
Scope of organization National
Number of members reportedly registered with organization

Individual members :500, Organizations: 6

Main funding sources for organization’s activities Volunatry contibution, non- governmental donations, CIDA, AUSAID, UNVFT
Publications by organization Calendar on CRC, Material on CEDAW, CRC, UDHR





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